House of Commons: Kurdish political representation and equality in Turkey

A Westminster Hall debate on Kurdish political representation and equality in Turkey has been scheduled for Tuesday 2 November 2021, from 9.30-11:00am. The debate has been initiated by Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP. 28 October 2021 House of Commons 20021

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Kurdish Political representation
Kurds in Turkey are diverse in terms of political affiliation, language and cultural and religious identity. Of current political parties in Turkey that are perceived as predominantly Kurdish, the largest is the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and its affiliate the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), which competes only in local elections. The HDP is often described as “left wing”, and the HDP and DBP are widely seen as influenced to some degree by the anti-capitalist ideology of Abdullah Öcalan, the founder of the principal Kurdish armed insurgent group in Turkey, the PKK. House of Commons 20021

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