The Court of Appeal of Brussel – Decision: PKK are not terrorist organization

The Court of Appeal of Brussel once again pointed out that the activities of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are not terrorist, and rejected trying 37 Kurdish politicians.

The Belgian Court of Cassation has ruled that the activities of PKK which is leading an armed struggle against the Turkish state which denies the rights of the Kurds are non-terrorist, and rejected the trial of 37 Kurdish politicians; the co-chair of the People’s Assembly Remzi Kartal, the member of Kurdistan Community Union’s Coordination Zubeyir Aydar.

With this decision, the investigation of the federal judiciary in Belgium which has begun since 2006 towards PKK leaders ended, keeping only one right for the federal judiciary, namely reviewing the Belgian Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeal of Brussel – Decision 08.03.2019

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