“Justice for Kurds” is an international initiative that draws attention to the systematic oppression and criminalisation of the Kurds and their freedom movement.

On November 5, 2021, the Justice for the Kurds initiative, which includes 29 prominent figures, issued a call in the first stage: “in the interests of peace, democracy, and human rights, we call on the Council of the European Union to remove the PKK from the proscribed list of terrorist organisations.”

In the second stage of the initiative, by December 13, a 1000 international public figures responded to the call and supported the demand “remove the PKK from the EU terrorist organisation list.” Among them were deputies, senators, party leaders and mayors, trade union leaders and representatives, academics, journalists and lawyers, leaders and representatives of human rights, women’s and peace organisations, artists, priests and environmentalists.

The goal of third stage is to gather millions of signatures for this campaign in 2022. Anyone can support it – be part of it now!

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